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OPF aims to communicate high quality original research work, reviews, short communications, case report, ethics forum, educational forum and letters to editor that contributes significantly to enhance the scientific knowledge related to the field of Pharmacy & Biomedicals.


Take advantage of the many training programmes, seminars, symposia, conferences and workshops organized by OPF, at a concessional rate and update yourself on the latest in technology, trade and regulations governing the various facets of Pharma industry.



Operant Pharmacy Federation (OPF) is the national professional body of pharmacists engaged in various facets of the profession of pharmacy. OPF is committed to promote the highest professional and ethical standards of pharmacy, focussing the image of pharmacists as competent healthcare professionals, sensitize the community, government and others on vital professional issues and support the pharmaceutical education and sciences in all aspects.


We are very happy to introduce Operant Pharmacy Federation (OPF), a multidisciplinary, open access and online scientific community. OPF is an open access, online scientific community in the field of Biomedical, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Pharmaceutical Management, Drug Discovery, Therapeutics and Life Sciences. It helps us in publishing original research papers, reviews, abstracts, short communications, thesis work, dissertations, projects, articles, reports, synopsis, monographs, assignments, article drafting, case studies, opinions & perspectives and book reviews written at the invitation of the Editor-Team Member. OPF will continue to strengthen the knowledge building through publication of cutting edge research in the field of Biomedical, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Pharmaceutical Management, Drug Discovery, Therapeutics and Life Sciences. The Editor-Team Member looks forward for the inclusion of OPF in list of approved Journal for publishing research in related areas.


What You Get

We are pleased to inform you that the OPF is available online as well as is ready to receive your support all throughout the course of its journey. OPF was launched in the month of January 2018 with an objective to motivate pharmacists and related professionals get keenly engrossed into quality research and innovation. We also visualize to support every effort that will empower Pharmacy education and erudite pioneering research. Publications are very important in the career of Pharma Scholars. It has been said by well known Scientist that “Publications is the auction of the mind of Man”. Numbers of publications not only strengthens our resume, it also highlights the scholars name in Pharma, Medical & Biomedical-World, as well as shows endeavoring towards an erudite pioneering research. OPF is a helping hand for the students in the field of Pharmaceutical Sciences (B. Pharmacy, Pharm D, M. Pharmacy & Ph.D.), Pharmaceutical Management, Biomedical, Life Sciences and Biotechnology so as to make them capable of publishing their work (i.e. research work) easily in various National and International Journals. I must laud the efforts of our esteemed team members and reviewers who have devoted their precious time in giving their critical reviews on OPF data. I would like to close this piece with renewed solicitation to Pharmaceutical and related professionals, researchers, scientists, and scholars and provide an opportunity to OPF to disseminate its ideas and innovations to the scientific community across the globe.

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