International Conference on Post COVID Era of Pharmaceutical Industries

International conference that welcomes personnel from a plethora of industries such as Pharmaceutical, Regulatory, Academia, Research and many others focused on the betterment of the healthcare system. The conference focuses on developing various formulations such as innovations, current trends, discoveries that will ultimately help in the development of the healthcare system.

The purpose of organizing an international conference is to provide a platform and accessibility to the emerging leaders and the youth of the society to enhance their future. During these unprecedented times of a pandemic, the virtual world has affected us significantly with people loosing the essence of networking with people offline. The Organization decided to uphold an International Conference at Radisson Blue hotel in Indore to connect and network professionals from different field under one roof.

The presence of Top Industry Leaders such as Dr. Zareen Delawar Hussain, CEO & MD, Integro Pharma Limited, Bangladesh and Dr. Paresh Kumar Dave , Founder IP Moment highlighting on the key topics of Leadership, Communication and their journey from start, paves the way for a wider understanding of pharmaceutical field.

The primary goal focuses on the worldwide circumstances post-outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, how it has influenced people’s lives around the globe, the upcoming development, and progress in the field of pharmaceutical technology and research. This international conference provides the space and platform to share ideas, information, and knowledge as we move forward towards pharmaceutical and medical advancement while stimulating insightful discussions and building worthwhile connections.

The event covers various domains of the healthcare sector and invites eminent national and international speakers in the Valedictory event of PharmNest’21 to honour the winners and speak about their major domains. The minimum charges and convenience to time will help you to attend the event. The  avenues that will be explored alongside with COVID in the conference would be advancements and contributions of the industry across the globe, technologies developed and role of data science, the role of coronavirus pandemic and its effect on the industry and role of computational tools.

Operant Pharmacy Federation also invites all the winners and delegates to the Valedictory function  of PharmaNest’21 held in May-June in Offline to honour the hard work and talent shown by the winners along with the core team as OPF values its members,  who have put their day and night to make this event successful. This conference  will not only provide the knowledge in emerging future trends but will also provide a golden opportunity to network, communicate and collaborate with the smartest brains in pharmaceutical industry. Come, Join Us on ( Date) to take the first step towards your golden future.

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