OPF International Experience Program


International Experience Program abbreviated as IEP is a step forward from OPF in the direction of becoming an “International Innovative Organization”. The program was initiated in 2020. Currently IEP is one of the largest student mobility programs offered by the non profit organization of India. OPF has signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with more than 15 renowned Industries of Singapore, Japan, Vietnam, USA, Canada, Europe, Russia, Asia and Africa. OPF students go for Industrial Internship to the foreign industries for 4 to 8 weeks during the summer. It is a comprehensive international experience program designed exclusively for OPF students members across the world of Pharmacy.


The 21st century is the century of ‘Knowledge Economy’ and each country needs the enlightened youth who can contribute in the development of strong economy with rich socio-cultural environment. Globalization is the inherent part of the Knowledge Economy and internationalization of education is becoming key to success. IEP is aimed to provide an exposure to Indian students to international pedagogical environment in their academic specialization. It enables the students to know about the cross-cultural environment which ultimately may turn into a strong intellectual capabilities. IEP provides the opportunity to differentiate the individual in the competitive era.


Under this program, students will get the exposer to work with international scientist in Industries. Students also appear in internal examination, continuous evaluation and external evaluation conducted by the foreign experts at foreign Industry. Apart from the above-mentioned subject-learning experience, students also prepare the projects and case studies as decided by the foreign experts. They also visit the different department of companies to enhance their understanding on the work culture of the foreign country in their respective fields. Apart from the skill development activities students also get exposure to the socio- cultural environment by visiting popular places of the country. Once the program is over the students come back and join their parent college and finish their study.


Based on the mutual agreement between OPF and the foreign Industries, OPF announces IEP every year through circular on OPF website. Students may visit official website of IEP to know the announcement dates for next IEP by checking notifications.



4.1 Student must have valid Indian passport*.

*Selected students, who do not have passport at the time of Selection duration, should apply for TATKAL passport for participation in IEP. In stage 2 of application, you may mention Application number instead of Passport number with any issue/expire dates (Random selection). In stage 4 in application, upload the image of receipt of Passport Application at the place of copy of Passport.

4.2 Academic Criteria:

B. Pharm, Pharm D, M. Pharm


1. The students must meet the minimum criteria for the application.

2. Selection of the students in IEP shall be purely on merit basis (Higher rank to lower rank) with respect to the above-mentioned academic criteria and the final number of available seats.

3. Considering the activity score of candidates, a merit list as well as waiting list for the provisionally selected candidates will be declared by OPF on IEP portal after scrutiny of participation in all OPF Activities.

4. Once the industry declares the merit list for IEP 2022 for specific country, provisionally selected students have to deposit refundable* security amount (Confirmation Fee) of Rs. 20000/- to OPF within a prescribed time period.

6. If the provisionally selected student fails to deposit security amount within prescribed time provided, his /her selection will be automatically cancelled, and the vacant seat will be allocated to next suitable applicant.

7. Any canvassing/referencing will lead to disqualification from the program.


i. Industry can change the criteria of selection without any prior intimation and OPF reserves all right to take final decision.

ii. Industry reserves

iii. If the student is having other than Indian Citizenship status w.r.t. nationality/passport or having other category visa of the country of participation, OPF may or may not consider the application/merit list status for such students. Due to possible technical issues students need to discuss the case personally in such situation.

iv. Please note that shortlisting does not guarantee visa for student. Every student has to fill up visa application form and provide the necessary information to the Embassy in India. Granting the Visa to the specific applicant is a sole discretion of the concerned Embassy/High Commission and OPF/agency/foreign industry does not have any intervening role in this process. *Please refer the terms & conditions for the refund of security amount as per sr. no 8.


1. In normal scenario, DIR publish the merit list on IEP website and asks the selected students to pay a refundable confirmation fee of Rs.20000 immediately after the application duration is completed (As per the point no. 5 in Selection Procedure).

2. However, looking at the current scenario of Covid -19 Pandemic and restrictions on immigration and international travel services, after the application duration for IEP 2022, the next step regarding payment of confirmation fee shall not be proceed ahead unless the situation gets normal.

3. The application of IEP shall remain open for almost 30 days, university is currently announcing the program and accepting the applications considering the prospects of positive changes in situation of Covid-19 pandemic may be by February /March 2022.

4. The interested students may apply for the program (WITHOUT ANY FINANCIAL OBLIGATIONS). This will help the university with approximation of students count (as the seats at each university are limited) and to decide further w.r.t. execution of the next steps like asking the students to pay confirmation fees, collection of documents for visa application etc. immediately if the situation seems to be in control and safe by the month of February/March.

5. Even after situation gets improved w.r.t. Covid-19 pandemic, looking at the safety concerns of the students, the decision of execution for IEP 2022 shall be taken with consideration of all the factors jointly with the foreign university partner.

6. Circular of IEP 2022 announcement should not be treated as a confirmation of execution of the program. Execution of IEP 2022 shall solely depend on the future scenario of Covid-19 pandemic.

7. University reserves the right to CANCEL IEP 2022 at any point of time after the announcement of the program.

8. Student must have taken 2 dozes of Vaccination.

9. The participation of students in IEP 2022 will be as per the prevailing norms of India/Applicable foreign country w.r.t. covid-19 pandemic, in case any issues occurred during my stay at foreign country in regard to covid -19 pandemic the student will be solely responsible for all personal/financial liability occurred.

NOTE: Due to further updates on Covid-19, the proposed duration for IEP 2022 may change. The students shall require to accept such changes after application.


Kindly refer Circular / Announcement of IEP 2022 on OPF/IEP website in which all details of estimated cost have been given. The cost of the program is generally divided into two parts:

i. Academic Cost: As the core activity of the program is teaching of two subjects at foreign university, one part of the cost is cost of teaching and related academic activities at the foreign university. The Academic cost (subject teaching at foreign university) of the program is sponsored by Operant Pharmacy Federation to each of the participating student.

ii. Accommodation/food/travel/other cost: The second part of cost will be related to expenses other than academic cost for following activities which is to be paid by students by their own.

• Security deposit of Rs. 20,000 to OPF. (Refundable at the end of the program after returning back to India) • Air ticket charges to be paid to concerned agency appointed by OPF.

• Visa fees as well as SEVIS fees (in case of USA) is to be paid to concerned agency appointed by OPF.

• Travel insurance charges to be paid to concerned agency appointed by OPF.

• In case of USA, travel and accommodation for visa appointment at Mumbai/Delhi or any other city (if required in case of few countries) is to be borne by students.

• Cancellation charges of air ticket due to any reason to be paid to concerned agency appointed by OPF

• Charges for accommodation, Food, local transportation, airport transfers and excursion visits to nearby places to be paid to foreign university through wire transfer.

• Bank charges applicable for wire transfer to be paid to concerned agency appointed by OPF.

• Penalty shall be imposed on student due to any reason to be paid to OPF/foreign University if applicable.

• Other personal expenses.

• Any other applicable charges not mentioned above.

NOTE: 1. The students & parents may calculate the total approximate cost in INR by considering the fees of foreign university after conversion in INR, approximate cost of visa & insurance, as well as the cost of ticket. Please note that the cost of tickets available on various websites should not be considered final rates as it shows for the individual booking, while the tickets for IEP are booked in a group, so the final rates for air tickets will be higher as compared to the available rates on websites as single ticket as per the policy of airlines.

2. The payment towards specific services shall be done by the student directly to the concerned agency/foreign university as per the given instructions.

3. University is not involved in any kind of financial transaction done between student and agency/foreign university.

4. Department of International Relations only extends support to the students with the help of agency to complete all required procedures/formalities to participate in IEP.

5. All the payments are to be done via bank transactions(online/cheque) only. No cash transaction shall be entertained for any services.



8.1.1 After the scrutiny of all applications, the shortlisted students shall be intimated through email to pay the confirmation fee of Rs. 20,000 (Rupees twenty thousand only) to OPF with the number of days for doing the payment.

8.1.2 The student is required to pay confirmation fee within prescribed time duration for finalizing his/her seat for IEP.

8.1.3 The confirmation fee is Refundable to the students once they come back to India after successful completion of the program and submit their Arrival Immigration Stamp on IEP portal. (within 3 months after return)

8.1.4 The confirmation fee is Refundable if visa is not granted to student due to any reason. The fee will be refunded to student only after the program is finished. (within 3 months after visa granted students return) & if IEP is cancelled by the university due to any natural calamity/pandemic after the announcement.

8.1.5 The confirmation fee is Non-Refundable if student withdraws from the program at any point (pre- or post-departure) after paying confirmation fee due to any reason. So, students / parents are advisable to go through all the documents/guidelines carefully before paying confirmation fee to avoid any disputes later on. No request or application for refund of confirmation fee will be considered by the university in case of withdrawal by the student.

8.1.6 If any penalty has been imposed on student due to any reason, it will be deducted from the security deposit of Rs. 20,000 and remaining amount (if any) shall be returned to student after the program is over for current batch.


Once the student pays for any service to the concerned agency, the refund on payment will be at sole discretion of the concerned agency/service provider as per its applicable norms.

8.2.1 OPF and its officials do not have any intermediary role in case of refund (full/partial) of payment against any service. 9.2.2 In case of visa rejection, visa fees & other charges are totally NON-REFUNDABLE.

8.2.3 In case if the visa application is filed and university cancels IEP due to any natural calamity/pandemic, visa fees & other charges are totally NON-REFUNDABLE. The refund of visa charges in such cases shall be the sole responsibility of the embassy.

8.2.4 In case of cancellation of air ticket due to any reason (visa rejection/withdrawal etc.), students shall be liable to bear the cancellation penalty/cost as per the agency/airline’s policy/decision. OPF shall not have nay role in transections/refund at any level.

8.2.5 Refund in case of insurance/forex will be as per the company’s norms/policy/decision.

8.2.6 In case of any mistake/error/ dispute in payment/refund, student and agency/foreign university shall deal directly without any intervening role of OPF & its officials. Students will have to follow the applicable norms/decision of concerned agency/foreign university in this regard.

8.2.7 Student shall not file any legal/judicial/official complaint/grievances w.r.t. the refund of payment against OPF & its officials in any situation.

8.2.8 If any student withdraws from the program after paying the applicable fees to the foreign university, OPF and its officials will not interfere in the decision of the foreign university. It is the sole discretion of the foreign university to impose penalty or forfeit the entire amount.


Students will not be eligible to apply for rechecking or reassessment in the subjects studied under IEP at foreign university. If the student is declared as ‘FAIL’ in any evaluation component (internal/external) of the subject as per OPF teaching scheme, he or she needs to appear in remedial examination as per OPF norms.


All the students willing to participate in IEP need to abide by the terms and conditions mentioned on the home page of IEP portal before doing the registration. So, it is recommended that the students and their guardians go through all the terms and conditions carefully and accept them before starting the registration process.

Moreover, all the selected students for IEP (who have paid the confirmation fee of Rs. 20000 as per instruction of OPF) need to submit the “Student’s & Parents/guardians Affidavit” (available at Student’s Dashboard on IEP portal) on Non-Judicial stamp paper/estamp/franking paper of Rs. 300/- with notary stamp with the signature of self as well as parents (Mother and Father both)/guardian.


11.1 If the student participating in IEP is breaching the terms and conditions of OPF or breaking the rules of foreign university at any point of time, the student will be imposed a minimum penalty of Rs. 2000 by OPF and the penalty imposed by the foreign university.

11.2 In case of damage or loss of goods/property by the student at foreign university/Hotel/ concerned organization/ country, student needs to pay the actual cost as decided by concerned entity to the concerned organization.

11.3 Depending upon the nature of the in-disciplinary behavior by student, OPF and foreign university may also impose a penalty on his/her subject result/credit transfer eligibility for IEP subjects along with financial penalty.

11.4 In the situation where it is difficult to identify a single student who has behaved in nondesired manner, suitable penalty shall be imposed to the group of students who are suspected to be involved in such activity.

11.5 Students and parents must accept the decision of OPF/foreign university for the penalty without any arguments/grievance/legal/judicial complaints.

11.6 In case of any personal level issues among the students during their participation, OPF/mentor/foreign university may try to resolve the same. But in case of any extravagant situation, if any legal/judicial complaint is filed against any student by another party, OPF/foreign university shall not have any intervening role & responsibility.

11.7 In case of any activities against law of International Travel/Foreign University/Foreign country, the student and their parents shall abide the legislative norms of concerned authority/country. OPF shall not have any responsibility and intervening role in such situations.


OPF appoints the agencies for the services like visa, air ticket booking, travel insurance and forex for IEP students. Selected students will be guided for all required details at appropriate time by OPF regarding the process of mentioned services. Generally, for above mentioned services, following process is maintained.

12.1 The selected students will be intimated to attend the first meeting at OPF along with their parents/guardians within 15 days of the last date of the application in which, they require to come with all the necessary documents for initiating Visa process. The students will be informed through email regarding the details of the documents to carry as well as the payments for these services.

12.2 Students will be asked to submit the student’s affidavit on e-stamp or franking paper on Rs. 300 and to be notarized and hard copy of application form in the same meeting.

12.3 Students will be asked to furnish other required details/documents by OPF/Concerned agency for visa process time by time. Students need to check the email communications from OPF/concerned agency on regular basis and provide the necessary details within given timeline without fail.

12.4 OPF decides the dates of group travel and itinerary as per the IEP schedule with the particular foreign university and accordingly, the agency will book the tickets upon receiving the payments from the students. In case if the confirmed air ticket is required to be furnished in the group visa applications, or it is required to book/block the air ticket in advance looking at the future prices, students will be asked for the payment(full/partial) of blocked/confirmed air ticket during the visa application process.

12.5 Depending upon the norms of the particular country for granting visa, after successful submission of visa applications by the agency, either students will need to go for visa appointment or will receive the passport with visa stamp at OPF. If visa is not granted to the student, the same will be intimated by the agency and OPF to the student.

12.6 Students will be asked for the payment of international travel insurance either during the visa process or after receiving visa as per the requirement of visa application filing.

12.7 After receiving the visa and booking of air ticket, student will be asked for attending the pre-departure meeting in which, they need to do the payment to Foreign University through wire transfer for their Housing/Dining and other expenses.

12.8 It will be mandatory for all students to attend the pre-departure meeting as all the necessary documents for travel like Air Ticket, Passport with Visa Stamp, International Travel Insurance etc. will be handed over by OPF to all the students.

12.9 It is to be noted that to approve / reject the visa application is sole discretion of the respective Embassy/High Commission/Consulate. OPF or the travel agency do NOT guarantee visa grant at any stage.


13.1 Applicants need to upload the following documents to complete the registration process

1. First page of Passport (jpg /.gif/.png/.pdf files only,50 KB limit)

2. Last page of Passport (jpg /.gif/.png/.pdf files only, 50 KB limit)

NOTE: In case the student is not having passport at the time of application, as suggested in point 4.1, he/she may apply for TATKAL passport and can upload the acknowledgement receipt instead of first page of passport. Once the passport is received, student may replace the acknowledgement receipt with the first and last page of passport. Incase if the passport of the students is going to expire, then the student is required to get it renewed before the documentation process of IEP.

13.2 Only selected students are required to upload following documents on IEP portal as and when asked by University.

1. Challan Copy (Acknowledgement receipt of online payment) of Confirmation Fee

2. Photograph

3. Scanned copy of Undertaking Form

4. Details (Acknowledgement receipts of online/offline payment) of Air ticket Payment

13.3 Documents to be uploaded by selected students on portal after departure for and arrival from foreign country

1. Departure stamp (jpg /.gif/.png/.pdf files only, 50 KB limit) (going from India to foreign country)

2. Arrival Stamp (jpg /.gif/.png/.pdf files only, 50 KB limit) (returning from foreign county to India)



Following are the general responsibilities of the students participating in IEP.

1. Read and understand all the guidelines/circulars of IEP before applying for the program.

2. Students must follow all the terms and conditions mentioned in ‘Student’s & Parent’s/Guardian’s Affidavit’ so they are instructed to go through ‘Student’s Parent’s/Guardian’s Affidavit’ carefully and communicate the same to the parents clearly. If the parent/Guardian are not comfortable with English, it is the responsibility of the students to make them aware about all terms & condition in their vernacular language.

3. Provide true and correct information while filling ‘Online Application Form’ and cross verify the details filled in application form before submitting it.

4. Students should inform their respective institute for participating in IEP.

5. It is mandatory for students and their parents/ guardians to attend all IEP meetings as per the given instructions.

6. Provide all supporting documents to apply for visa duly verified by student and parent/guardian.

7. Verify the details carefully in visa stamp/air ticket/invitation letter/other documents to be furnished by OPF/agency/foreign university & intimate to concerned authority in case of any discrepancy within 1 hour on receipt of the document. In case you fail to do so, OPF & its officials shall not be liable for any losses.

8. Maintain proper discipline during travel and stay at foreign country.

9. Coordinate with other IEP students for all updates and sharing of necessary information.

10. Coordinate & report to OPF mentors on regular basis for day to day activities & updates as suggested by mentors.

11. Do all required payments within given time as intimated by OPF.

12. Regularly check the e-mails sent by OPF for getting updates on IEP.

13. Share experience of attending IEP at foreign university with OPF.

14. Prepare a brief report of observation and learning under IEP in a group. This report is to be submitted to the mentor weekly.

15. To follow all instructions carefully given by OPF/foreign university/OPF mentors.


Following are the general responsibilities of the Parents/Guardians of the students participating in IEP. Parents/Guardians should –

1. Read all the guidelines in IEP handbook & terms and conditions of student’s undertaking before allowing students for registration in IEP.

2. Furnish all the required documents whenever required (i.e. signing Student’s & Parent’s/Guardian’s Undertaking, Application form, providing bank statements, Id proof etc.) timely.

3. Accompany the student during IEP meetings.

4. Be aware about the various costs involved in the IEP as mentioned in point no. 7.

5. Ensure sufficient funds in the bank account so that the payment towards the particular service is done timely.

6. Be aware that OPF does not charge anything for administration and coordination of activities for IEP. So communication of parents as well as students with the university officials/staff must be in very humble mode at every point of time.

7. Verify the details carefully in visa/air ticket/invitation letter/other documents to be furnished by OPF/agency/foreign university & intimate to concerned authority in case of any discrepancy within 1 hour on receipt of the document. In case you fail to do so, OPF & its officials shall not be liable for any changes.

8. Understand that IEP is a prestigious academic program of OPF so they should not request us to allow the students for visiting relatives during stay at particular country, changing itinerary or any other facility which is out of scope of the program.

9. Know that IEP is being managed by OPF since 2011. So, the university has developed a well-defined process and timeline for all the activities of IEP. As, OPF manages the IEP program for more than 350 students for about 6 universities at a time, we try to optimize the communications in such a way that all necessary information is provided timely with minimum number of communications with the students. So, parents/guardians/students should not contact the concerned officials/staff over phone unless the matter is very important and urgent.

10. Should maintain a regular contact with the student during his/her travel and stay at the foreign university.

11. Should ensure that your son / daughter follow all terms and conditions mentioned in Student’s Undertaking.

12. Ensure that your son/daughter is medically fit to stay abroad for 6-8 weeks. If student is suffering from any disease or has undergone any operation, inform the university in advance.


1. Principals / HoDs should sign the ‘Application Form’ of IEP students of their institute.

2. As IEP is a OPF initiated program, institute should provide required documents to students whenever necessary (e.g. Bonafide certificate etc.)

3. Institute should compensate the attendance of the students participating in IEP.

4. It is also recommended that the head of the institute may arrange the extra classes for the subjects of the concerned semester in which, student remains absent for few initial days due to his/her participation in IEP if required.

5. The head of the institute should ensure that all the communications from OPF regarding IEP students is shared with the concerned HOD/Subject Teacher timely.

6. In case of any query related to students participating in IEP, the institute should directly communicate to OPF IEP department through email.


1. What are the core benefits of International Experience Program (IEP)?

• Provides the chance to be a part of the largest International Student Mobility program in the country.

• International Exposure at minimum cost – (Tuition fee will be sponsored by OPF)

• Provides the chance to study two subjects by foreign professors and learning in international pedagogical system at reputed foreign universities.

• No need to study two subjects at OPF in upcoming semester and subject waiver at OPF exam on passing the subjects at foreign university.

• Best utilization of summer semester gap.

• Certificate of participation by respective Foreign University

• A high value addition in your resume

• Opportunity to gain exposure to rich socio-cultural environment of the foreign country for about 2 months.

• Enhancing the skills like leadership, team work, time management, social & professional manners, creative thinking, communication, financial management, risk assessment etc.

• Develop a newer approach and vision towards career and personal life.

• A trial platform with minimum cost and risk for those who are seeking opportunities in higher education abroad

• Become a role model for your juniors and classmates by sharing your experience and innovative methods of teaching and evaluation with them.

2. Do students have to pay any fees at time of registration?

No, at the time of registration student need not to pay any registration fee. But after provisional selection based on scrutiny, they need to provide confirmation fee of Rs.20000 as per instruction of OPF.

3. What is the selection criteria for participating in IEP?

The students must meet the minimum criteria of CPI and Backlogs as mentioned in point no. 4. The scrutiny of applications will be done on merit basis with respect to the numbers of available seats.

4. How the student will get idea that he/she is shortlisted for IEP?

After receiving applications, Department of International Relations (DIR) will scrutinize the applications as per the minimum eligibility criteria and shortlist the candidates on merit basis. A provisional selection as well as waiting list of shortlisted students will be declared by DIR-OPF and the students will be communicated via email regarding the same.

5. If student gets shortlisted for IEP then what is the procedure to confirm the seat?

Shortlisted students must login into the “IEP Portal” to pay confirmation fees of Rs. 20000/- within prescribed time provided. Once the payment is done, students must upload receipt copy and provide transaction details on IEP Portal in ‘Payment detail’ option.

6. If the student is not able to pay confirmation fees within instructed time, what will be the consequences?

If student is not able to pay the confirmation fee of Rs. 20000/- within prescribed time period, his/her application will be rejected automatically, and respective seat will be allotted to next suitable applicant.

7. After paying fees what documents are required to be submitted by the student?

Selected students must submit hard copy of application form generated online along with the student undertaking and documents for Visa application as suggested by OPF. NOTE: Application of the student must be signed by student, parents & Institute’s Principal/HOD with the stamp of institute.

8. What is the further procedure once confirmation fee is paid?

The selected students will be informed and guided by the University for procedures. Selected students are advised not to call repeatedly at OPF for the same.

9. What will be visa and travel related procedures once we are selected for IEP?

Students shall have to furnish all the necessary documents to official agency appointed by OPF within prescribed time for the process of visa, ticket booking, insurance and forex. The students will have to make payment of visa fees, air ticket booking, insurance and forex as and when notified by OPF to the concerned agency directly.

10. How much time will it take to get the Visa?

It depends upon the embassy of the foreign country which has to grant the Visa. So, students are requested not to call or write email to OPF in this matter.

11. Is my application gives guarantee to get visa?

No, not at all. It is a sole discretion of the respective Embassy/High Commission/Consulate. OPF or Travel agency do not have any intervening role in decision of visa grant.

12. Is it possible to book the air ticket and apply for visa individually?

NO, students are NOT allowed to book the air ticket and apply for visa by their own.

IEP is a group activity and the success rate of granting visa by the embassy is due to the group visa applications. As per the detailed provided in group visa application, the travel dates are decided mutually by both the universities and entire group of the students need to travel in group. So, students are not allowed to book their air ticket and apply for visa by their own.

13. Is it possible to set travel plan individually?

NO, students are not allowed to set travel plan by their own. The travel plan will be organized by OPF considering the general interest of students in which students shall be sent in groups to the respective country.

14. How can I know about the various facilities available at foreign university regarding accommodation/food/medical services etc. provided by foreign university?

The selected students will be provided all such necessary information at appropriate time by OPF.

15. In case of my non-participation in the program due to any reason, will I get refund of full amount of payment made as refund?

No, depends on the policy/decision of concerned agency/foreign university & OPF shall have no role for the refund (full/partial).

16. How can I know about the necessary points like luggage capacity, prohibited items to carry etc. to be considered while travelling internationally?

The selected students will be provided all such necessary information at appropriate time by OPF.

17. Do students have to complete any procedure just after reaching the Foreign University?

Yes, all the students have to upload scanned copies of their immigration stamp (departure from India) on the IEP Portal.

18. Do students have to complete any procedure just after coming back to India?

Yes, all the students have to upload scanned copies of their immigration stamp (arrival at India) on the IEP Portal.

19. What are the minimum requirements to receive subject waiver studied at foreign university?

• It is compulsory for students to regularly attend lectures at foreign university as minimum 85% attendance of student in respective subject at IEP shall be considered for processing the result at OPF.

• The students need to appear in all the exams/quizzes/submit the assignments/perform the projects in respective subjects. The marks obtained in these exams after conversion as per OPF teaching scheme will be reflected in their final result.

• The student must have passed the internal as well as external exams as per the minimum passing criteria of OPF. • In case if the student is declared fail in the result, he/ she needs to appear in remedial exams at OPF.

20. Do students have to fill up exam form at OPF for subjects covered under IEP?

Yes, students must fill up the exam form as per OPF norms for the subjects covered under IEP.

21. Do students have to pay exam fees at OPF for subjects covered under IEP?

Yes, students must pay the exam fees at OPF as per norms for the subjects covered under IEP.

22. Do students need to attend lectures of the subjects covered under IEP?

Formally, it will be fine if the student does not attend the lectures of the subjects studied under IEP. However, as the classes for other subjects are to be attended, it is recommended to attend the lectures and labs of the subjects covered under IEP to strengthen the subject knowledge.

23. Do students need to appear in mid-term / external exam of the subjects covered under IEP?

No. The students who have obtained the passing grades need not to appear in Midterm or External Exam of OPF. However, the students who have not obtained the passing grades in the result declared by OPF need to appear in remedial exams (Midterm and/or External) as per OPF norms.

Important Instructions:

1. All instructions have been given on website; kindly go through all documents carefully before applying for IEP. You are advised to check your email regularly to get details of further procedure. Students will receive email from time to time from OPF to complete the registration process, applying for visa, doing payment for air ticket and attending meeting at OPF. Students/ parents are requested not to call or send emails frequently to OPF in this matter.

2. OPF reserves all rights to change the guidelines/policy/rules without prior notice to students.

3. At any stage (per/during/post departure) due to any reason & in any circumstances, students/parents/any entity cannot file a legal or judicial complain/grievance against OPF & its officials for any matter or claim any financial recovery/refund for any matter.


Only in case of any emergency, students can get in touch on below given contact details: Contact Person: Ms. Bhargavi Jain, Admin Assistant, Mobile: 9460971652 (Only between 11:00 to 18.10 IST on working days) Email Id: help@.opf.org.in Website: http://www.opf.org.in/iep/


Mr. Ramesh Kumar, Deputy Director & Head, Department of International Relations (DIR), Shradhawan, 17 Mayank Nagar, Naya Gaon Road, Pali, Rajasthan – 306401.