What is the benefits of Membership ?

  • To make the best use of the educational opportunities that are specifically designed to enhance the knowledge by keeping it updated with the latest information, Exchange of Ideas, Expand your knowledge, learn, and improve.
  • We also build consensus for our members who are working across the various sectors of health care, including health systems, community pharmacies, ambulatory care and non-traditional pharmacy such as long terms care, manages cared industry & academia.
  • You can also know more about the various opportunities that are available within the pharmaceutical industry by gaining insights from the pharmacists who represent a plethora of practice settings.
  • We participate as as active front-runner in a variety of training series, workshop and volunteer.
  • We even motivate our members for getting involved by serving on the board and other team advocacy.
  • We also offer you with the opportunity to publish your full manuscripts in our open access journal.
  • We also provide our members with extensive scholarships and awards programs recognizing members for involvement in the federation for leadership, academic success and grassroots.
  • Opportunities for OPF Annual Awards in Teachers/Researchers category
  • Take Networking Opportunities (Meet the Influencers) to gain new professional connections
  • Gain irreplaceable knowledge and apply it to your study (Know what your competitors are doing and how to set your goals apart
  • Level up your CV
  • Persuasiveness for NAAC, NBA Accreditations & Institutional Rankings
  • Opportunities for collaborations


  1. To perceive the aims of the pharmacy industry.
  2. To build up the strategies and systems to confer quality pharmaceutical research.
  3. To expedite the pharmacy specialists by providing them a platform to discuss over various issues related to the pharmaceutical research.
  4. To respect and honor the researchers for their commitment to pharmaceutical research works.
  5. To arrange the best national and international pharma-based conventions in both India and abroad.
  6. To spread the familiarity with the pharmacy profession and training and research in the general public by organizing different camps, seminars, conferences, meetings, courses, workshops and so on.
  7. To provide information related to the job openings and fellowships for pharma researchers.
  8. To make the research papers accessible to the individuals over the web.
  9. To distribute magazines and periodicals identified with community pharmacy, pharmacy education, research, and health sciences.
  10. To create and refresh the database registry of Pharmacy Institutions and other association members.
  11. To impart a higher level of education and training to the members who are preparing to get fully engaged with the pharmaceutical profession.
  12. To embrace, continue or advance logical and specialized research, investigations and trial of numerous types in pharmaceutical and other allied sciences.
  13. To help in the promotion and advancement of the Pharmaceutical and biomedical study in all facets. 


Are you thinking about being getting professionally involved with the Pharmaceutical and Biomedical industry? If yes, then we at Operant Pharmacy Federation (OPF) is glad to welcome you to our community. Our forum aims to support the professionals, students, research scholars from the various sections of the pharmacy industry. From a professional perspective, we assure that all your needs as a researcher or a member are looked after. Also, with the help of our qualified editorial team, we are able to guide the students who are thinking to start their career in the pharma industry.

Our community is a team of expert drug specialists who are skilled and holds several years of experience in the industry. OPF is very dedicated to all the moral and professional norms of the pharmaceutical business by concentrating on the aptitude of the pharmacists and the researchers, by reinforcing the pharmaceutical preparing and health sciences in every aspect.

Conferring highly informative and genuine pharmaceutical research services; is what we mainly focus in the Operant Pharmacy Federation (OPF). We are happy to get this valuable chance for spreading the pharmaceutical and biomedical related knowledge and ideas to the different mainstream researchers, students and professional throughout the globe.

Why do I have to sign up to read your Content?

Our content are not free. Well, some select content are. But, a significant part of what we do at OPF is Premium. We put in a lot of effort and resources in Doing all this and believe that you must pay for good Things.
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Do I get a refund?

We allow you to sample our content for free before signing up by becoming part of our News-latter subscription, and after you do, we stand by its quality. But we do not offer refunds.


  • The Operant Pharmacy Federation (OPF) community follows all the ethical pharmaceutical standards and norms by primarily focusing on the pharmacy profession. We explore the different facets of the pharmaceutical industry by supporting the causes and issues related to pharmaceutical education and other health sciences covering all the major aspects.
  • To present exceedingly useful and informative pharmaceutical research works that would help in the advancement of the pharmaceutical industry.  We also aspire to make and invigorate the database registry of Pharmacy Institutions and other affiliated members.



Why choose OPF?

The pharmaceutical researchers are continually searching for new or better approaches to the treatment of disease or illness. In the event that they find something which might prove to be useful, it can’t be put into general use until long stretches of careful and meticulous testing have been finished. Research studies on the Pharmacy industry are something which we can consider as restorative research through which medication is made accessible to the doctors and the patients. Research studies may likewise be called clinical preliminaries, medication preliminaries or drug studies. And here in Operant Pharmacy Federation (OPF), we aim to cover all the aspects of the pharmacy and biomedical industry.

Drug specialists or the pharmacists, in general, have a broad knowledge which is useful in the advancement of medications in the industry. Clearly, the patient plays a key role in the business. Additionally, it is the pharmacists who may have a more prominent understanding of the necessities of the patients and how pragmatic the medication would be from a patient’s point of view.

Thus, making you a skilled professional in the pharmacy industry is what we envision and with a goal to serve the industry in a better way we offer you with all sorts of assistance in formulating your papers, arranging conferences, seminars, publication of research works and several other activities which would help you to aim a significant position in the industry.

So, if you are still confused from where to begin, then we are here to help you in identifying your skillset. Join OPF today!

My payment is not going through, what can I do?

Please write to us at info@opf.org.in detailing the payment error or queries.

So, one must pay for Writing?

In Short Words Yes, For Long Answer Contact Us.

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An added benefit of your subscriptions (paid) are the regular basis personalised newsletters. These newsletters, at times, might end up in your spam/junk folder due to emojis, attachments or images. In case you’re not receiving these newsletters, it might help to whitelist us. If the problem still persists, write to us at info@opf.org.in .

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